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New Website Allows Ford Fans to Show the World Just How Much They Love the Blue Oval

Article Date: Tue, November 1, 2011

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The homepage of features a virtual garage fully decked out in Ford branded items that can be bought through the site. In this example, the Mustang Boss 302 is the featured theme.
  • New website,, officially launches today in conjunction with SEMA 2011
  • Hundreds of products adorned with Ford logo, and Ford products featured and for sale – perfect for a man cave or just about any other space
  • Items range from small magnets, wall clocks and bar stools to lockers, toolboxes and professional-grade workbenches
LAS VEGAS, Nov. 1, 2011 – Ford fans and enthusiasts can really show just how passionate they are for the Blue Oval thanks to a new website that takes personalization of man caves – or just about any other space – to a whole new level.
At, site visitors can view and buy hundreds of items that bear the Ford logo along with Ford products. Items range from small magnets, wall clocks and bar stools to lockers, toolboxes and professional-grade workbenches. Images available to decorate items span the more than 100-year history of Ford Motor Company.
“Whether it’s a game room, basement or garage, thematic areas that demonstrate passion for a particular music band, sports team or, in this case, brand, have become very popular,” said Regina Watson, Product Licensing manager, Ford. “The Ford brand has been featured on many products and in many ways for a long time, but this new site takes it up a notch.” 
The site officially launches today in conjunction with the opening of SEMA 2011 in Las Vegas and Ford Racing’s continued celebration of 110 years in existence.
How it works is owned and managed by Iconic Brand Collection L.L.C., an official Ford licensee that sells products made by other companies. Cornerstone Case Goods manufactures and sells the cabinetry-related furniture on the site, for example.
At, users first will see a virtual garage featuring one of several available themes, including Ford Racing, vintage Mustang, Mustang Boss 302 or F-150 SVT Raptor. 
The virtual garage is loaded with products that reflect the theme, from Ford-branded garage floor tiles and wall clocks to full-size storage cabinets, workstations, lockers, tool chests, waste containers and other unique items like a gas pump cooler.
When users hover over an item with their computer arrow, a box pops up that shows how much the item costs and also gives the user the option to add the item to their shopping cart or view their shopping cart. Users also can see a virtual version – a 3D image viewable from all sides, in different colors and, in some instances, different settings.
“This is much different than the old way of doing things, where a company has a website and basically says, ‘Here is a picture of what we have for sale, take it or leave it,’” said Derek Carlock, manager, Iconic Brand Collection.
New level of customization provides customers the ability to realize their space in several ways. One part of the website, for example, provides users with the ability to choose a themed space showcasing available products as they would be seen in their environment of intended use. As part of the unique shopping experience provided by the website, customers can interact with each of these products.
“Based on user interest, the site displays a customized rendering of items that allows users to showcase their enthusiasm and love for their passion while filling their pragmatic needs,” said Carlock. “We fill the room with your passion.”
Site visitors can customize the visual aspect of their items two ways:
The first is by purchasing items already developed for certain brands and vehicles, such as the workstation and full-size locker featuring the 2012 Mustang Boss 302.
The other way is by using visuals from, which offers for sale more than 8,000 images including commemorative and limited-edition prints, vintage signs and advertisements.
Carlock adds that if the love or passion of a customer’s life should change – say from a ’65 Mustang to a 2012 Boss 302 – has it covered.
“At any time, a customer can go back to the site, order new graphics and simply snap on the new sides, front and back without needing to disassemble the structure,” said Carlock. “They say love is a fickle thing, so we made sure our website could accommodate that notion."
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